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Sunday 19 January 2014

Get On Board with Qantas Cruises, Powered by Cruise Guru

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Qantas and Cruise Guru have today announced a partnership that will launch Qantas into the fast-growing cruise market.

Qantas customers can now book cruises online through, using the unique technology of Cruise Choice, powered by Cruise Guru.

The integration of cruising onto will allow Qantas to leverage the largest and fastest growing market in the travel industry, as well as one of the fastest growing cruise markets in the world*.

Unique to Qantas Cruises is the ability for customers to access to a full range of cruise lines and ships, with live cabin availability and prices, and instant confirmation.

Cruise Guru Joint Managing Director Justin Montgomery said that he was thrilled to be able to use Cruise Guru's unique technology to create new opportunities and services for the growing number of Australians choosing to holiday by cruise.

"With 17 international cruise lines, 162 ships and over 10,000 cruise itineraries, Cruise Choice technology leads the way for the Australian consumer. We are delighted to partner with Qantas to provide efficiently serviced and competitively priced cruise offers," he said. "This partnership also provides Qantas Frequent Flyers with new ways to earn Qantas Points," he added. "Qantas Frequent Flyers will be able to earn 1 point for every A$1 spent on any Qantas Cruise booking".

Qantas Cruises are available to book from tomorrow at

About Cruise Guru:

Cruise Guru is a specialist cruise website that offers a unique, one-stop shop for Australian cruise customers. Cruise Guru provides consumers with the best prices, the most up-to-date deals, a wealth of knowledge, unbiased experience and support, and the convenience of full live online booking for major cruiselines. Cruise Guru began operation in January 2012, and in just two years has revolutionized the cruise market with its unique technology and unrivalled service levels.

Cruise Guru is part of the Travel the World Pty Ltd group of companies, which has been involved in the cruising sector for over 30 years. It is 100% Australian owned and operated. The Cruise Guru team has a combined number of days at sea of well over 1,000, which ensures that the customer experiences expert service levels. 

Since Cruise Guru's Facebook page launched two years ago, it has grown to well over 60,000 active fans, making the Cruise Guru Facebook page the largest in the Australian retail cruise community, and giving fellow cruisers and new-to-cruise clients the ability to interact and discuss all things cruise.

Cruise Guru is the leader in the online cruise space offering the ability for consumers to book search, book and review over 17 different cruise lines 24/7.

About Cruise Choice

The technology that sits behind Cruise Guru and Qantas Cruises is Cruise Choice, a platform that opens up a gateway for the consumer to book their cruise holiday online, 24/7 with up-to-the-minute live pricing, and availability. With 17 international cruise lines, 162 ships and over 10,000 cruise itineraries, Cruise Choice technology leads the way for the Australian consumer. Cruise Choice allows the consumer to be in control of their cruise holiday from start to finish, with the ability to choose the latest specials and prices, cabin type, cabin number and confirm their cruise without lengthy delays or interference.  They see exactly what the cruise lines are seeing in the comfort of their own home.

*About the Australian Cruise Market
Cruising is becoming ever-more popular for Australian tourists. In 2011 the number of passengers grew by 34 per cent, and in 2012 they grew by an additional 11 per cent. This trend has been sustained over the past decade: with nearly 700 000 passengers in 2012, Australian cruising is now almost six times the size it was in 2002. Remarkably, the Australian cruising industry has now had eight consecutive years of double-digit growth, and growth is expected to continue.
*Cruise Lines International Association Australasian Cruise Industry Report 2012

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