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Monday 3 February 2014

Azamara Club Cruises’ experiential evenings bring destinations to life again in 2014

Azamara Club Cruises has released a list of the AzAmazing Evenings program for 2014. The concept behind Azamara Club Cruises is that destinations are more than just geography and so the 2014 AzAmazing Evenings program continues to provide guests with the opportunity to enjoy a new range of complimentary, exclusive, authentic and cultural evening events.

These signature events are complimentary and held once a voyage, typically ashore during the evening. On select voyages, the sights and sounds of a region are transferred onboard, where the ship serves as a backdrop for an evening of cultural immersion. Building on its already popular itineraries, organised to coincide with major cultural and world events, Azamara Club Cruises has now crafted historical experiential evening events to make the adventures even more immersive.

For example, during Azamara's "Past to Present: Normandy 70 Years Later" journey which sees passengers storming the beaches of France, guests will also be treated to a D-Day Liberation Party in Cherbourg, exactly 70 years to the day that the landings took place.

"Since its launch, our AzAmazing Evenings programme has been incredibly well-received and is providing discerning travellers unique, tailor-made experiences at intriguing destinations around the world," said Larry Pimentel, president and CEO of Azamara Club Cruises.

Whether enjoying a private three-tenors performance set in a 19th century opera house in Livorno, Italy, or joining in a local Burmese festival, guests will find themselves immersed and living the culture rather than just seeing it during a brief visit.

"After extensive research and collaboration we have created custom events that allow our guests to explore a destination in a way they may have otherwise never experienced – from interacting with locals at a street party or being treated to private access to world-renowned sites" Mr Pimentel said.

AzAmazing Evening events give night access to some of the world's best known historical sites allowing guests to experience moments such as being captivated by a performance in the ancient Roman Odeon theatre of Ephesus or dining like the French aristocracy at the Chateau Giscours in Bordeaux.

Later in the year, guests sailing Azamara Journey's "A Southern Hemisphere Holiday," will enjoy a Plataforma 1, one of Rio de Janeiro's leading samba show houses to see samba's 500-year history come to life in an eye-popping show, complete with caipirinhas, Brazil's national cocktail.

Other AzAmazing experiences include experiencing an Egyptian Moul, when guests call at Safaga, Egypt. This festival is part carnival and part mystical celebration, and includes ritual dancing, chanting, whirling dervishes and circus performers.

"Our guests already come to us because we are providing longer stays and more overnights at fascinating destinations and now they are able to exclusively enjoy these experiential opportunities" Mr Pimentel said.

The full list of AzAmazing Evenings can be viewed here: (


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